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As a member, you can use this page to navigate the many services and benefits that belong to you as an Elk. You can also save time and postage by paying your membership dues on-line. If you have any other ideas for this page, please send them to

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Elks Benefits

The Elks Member Benefit Center is an exclusive and dynamic benefit program that is providing benefits such as auto and home insurance, discounted vacations, wireless savings, prescription savings and much more for Elks Members, their families and businesses.

The Elks Member Benefit Center can save you hundreds of dollars, while every purchase you make helps support the BPOE! Click here to open the Center's web site.

Electronic Application System

**Invite others to join the Order by sending an electronic applications by clicking here. You must be a member with a valid username and password.

Pay Your Dues On-Line

We now accept payment for dues using a major credit card or your PayPal account.
You can still choose to mail your dues to the Lodge at: Keeseville Elks Lodge, 1 Elk Street, Keeseville, NY 12944.


Full year's dues ($75 plus $3 transaction fee)
Full year's dues for Life Member ($39.00 plus $1.75 transaction fee)
Reinstatement Fee (Required if your dues have lapsed for more than one year. Includes $1 transaction fee.)
Donate to Elks National Foundation*
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Donate to New York State Major Projects*
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*Donations made to ENF and Major Projects on this site will be less PayPal's 4% transaction fee. On-line donations to ENF may be made directly on their web site by clicking here.